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Clinical Reflexology


Chinese Head Massage

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Clinical Hypnotherapy

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“The natural way to restore balance to your body and mind”
Is this treatment for me?
What can i expect?
Don't just take my word for it!
Yes! In a nutshell - my combination of treatments help detect and treat the body’s imbalances. Physical symptoms are usually manifestations of the body being ‘out of sync’. These treatments are key to bringing the body back into balance, enabling the natural healing process to restore health.

Initial consultation:

Working together in our first treatment, imbalances are detected, a plan of action is put in place and treatment begins accordingly. This usually takes around an hour.

Working for over 16 years as a full time
clinical therapist, I have succesfully treated hundreds of clients with a vast range of physical and emotional ailments...

Let me help you too!


Using a unique combination of treatments, which may include reflexology, acupressure, reiki, NLP and EFT based on each individual’s needs; these holistic treatments are tailored and targeted to maximise the benefits and ensure the best possible outcome.

Found to be very beneficial in minimising the side effects of chemotherapy & radiotherapy in Cancer patients.

Especially effective in improving lymphatic drainage.

Future treatments:

These vary greatly based on individuals needs and can range from 30 minute ‘target treatments’ to 90 minute
‘full works – deep relaxation’.

You always get homework!

Easy-to-do points to work on in between treatments to boost your results.

To view a few of the messages left by my clients click on the testimonials link below!

These treatments complement orthodox medicine. So, with my 16 years experience, let me show you how to:

Get your body balanced the way nature intended (fits in with orthodox treatment)

Speedily reduce chronic pain (arthritis-migraine-periods-IBS-sciatica-back pain)

Regulate blood pressure (Heart problems)

Improve the circulation (Diabetics-restless leg syndrome-cramps-Raynaud’s sufferer)

Strengthen your bladder (after all its just another muscle)

Restore deep sleep patterns (hormonal balancing normalises sleep rhythms)

Expect the best outcomes (overcome negative thoughts)

Uplift your spirits and help to alleviate depression and anxiety

Combat fears and phobias (Usually just one session can banish phobias forever)


How will I feel?

During the treatment, a degree of discomfort may be experienced when areas of imbalance are uncovered.

However, this will be nothing more than you can cope with! Generally the treatment induces a state of deep relaxation.

Most people are amazed at the sense of wellbeing – even after one treatment.


A treatment on its own – anything from one off treatments
to combat fears and phobias to short courses of therapy to
‘stop smoking’, ‘manage weight’ including Virtual Gastric Band and address deep-rooted issues. Visit my sister site below.

Tricia Wright Clinical Reflexologist - Hypnotherapist NLP & EFT Practitioner

Fully Registered and insured ‘Integrated Therapist’

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