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testimonials from satisfied Clients
Emma: "When I first went to the Therapy Shop I was suffering from stress and was very rundown and emotional. I had awful tension headaches, was tearful and full of aches and pains.

An initial treatment course, over 4 weeks, of Reflexology and Reiki with Tricia has worked wonders. I feel a lot more level and relaxed, the headaches have gone and I am sleeping so much better it is amazing. What is more, over the last few weeks I have noticed my autumn hayfever has decreased, my nails have grown and even my hormonal cycle seems to have improved.

I recommend The Therapy Shop wholeheartedly. Thank you Tricia!"

Lindsey: "She has many techniques at her disposal to help any problem you may have and I would not hesitate to recommend her. Thank you to Tricia for all your help."

Sandy: "I’ve had Crohn’s Disease for 27 years and after having reflexology from Trish Wright... it is totally under control.

Graham:  "Being a man, I have to say I was somewhat sceptical of what could be done for me by somebody “playing with my feet”!! Well I was very quickly made to ‘eat my own words’ once Tricia got to work.  I would urge anybody reading this message not to think twice about going to see her for treatment, whatever your ailment is."

Helen: "I would practically have to take to my bed when it was the time of the month! ...after having monthly reflexology sessions with Trisha I rarely have pain and discomfort on a monthly basis. I can honestly say that having reflexology with Trisha has been of immense benefit to me.

Trisha she has helped me with many problems and ailments from outbreaks of acne to a fear of public speaking!!! If you have any niggly aches, pains or worries I would highly recommend a visit to Trisha.

...very relaxing and welcoming - I can say with 100% certainty that you will enjoy every minute of your time spent with this amazing therapist!"


Angela:  "Today as she was working on my feet, I felt a discomfort (not painful) sensation as she worked on a certain area, I asked what it was and she told me she was working on my lower back area…

I hadn’t mentioned it to Tricia until that point but I have indeed been having some back niggles but just failed to mention them.

Tricia has equipped me with many different tools to help me manage my anxiety, from EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to some positive thinking techniques like NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and self-administered acupressure techniques."

Rosemary: "I had mixed feelings about [reflexology], being the world’s worse cynic, but decided to give it a go seeing that work was paying! I went for the three sessions at weekly intervals, followed by three more weekly sessions to complete the course. It’s hard to find the words to describe the difference it made to me and the benefits I felt. 

I can only describe Tricia as one of life’s special people. She knows her subject inside out, explains everything and is extremely caring. Tricia has also alleviated other problems I experience as a result of the transverse myelitis."

Jan: "I was 12st 10lb last May 2010 I was totally fed up and felt frumpy in my size 22 tops.  I’m happy to report that I got rid of 24lb which was amazing and the first time I had seen a significant loss in 27 years.

It did not even feel like I was trying very hard but a steady couple of pounds kept coming off."

Mike ‘the Plumber’ – "I’m 51 years old and suffered from painful stiff feet for many years.  [I’ve] been to visit Tricia twice it has made a massive difference and i no longer need my painkiller.

Thanks Tricia I’ll be back soon."

Vikki on October 21, 2012 at 11:01 said:

I went to see Tricia about 4 weeks after having surgery following appendicitis. Still feeling tired and a bit low i needed something to help my healing. For my first treatment Tricia did some reflexology on me and it was a wonderful experience. Tricia is a lovely warm and friendly lady so it didn’t take long for me to unwind and enjoy the whole hour. After a fantastic nights sleep, which im sure was due to my treatment i felt refresh and energised the following day.

During my first treatment Tricia asked me if i had any other issues that i might need tending to, which i did. I suffer occasionally from a trapped nerve in my left shoulder, however before i could tell her which side it was she already knew and was sorting it out on my foot. It was quite amazing but you must experience these things for yourself to realise how good Tricia is.
Since seeing Tricia i’ve also found that i no longer suffer with cold feet, which is an added bonus and must mean its improved my circulation.

I believe Tricia has definately helped with my recovery and i would recommend going to see her even if you just want a relaxing treat !

Thanks Tricia x

Edwina on October 28, 2012 at 13:38 said:

I’ve known Tricia for about ten years and have been a regular reflexology client of hers for the last five. Tricia is a true professional – knowledgeable, thoughtful and highly effective. She keeps herself informed and up to date using a blend of treatments and approaches to suit my changing needs. I feel completely comfortable in her hands and always leave after a treatment feeling cared for, relaxed and positive. With such a vast array of complementary therapists around, it can be difficult to find someone you can trust completely and who is totally professional in their approach. You need look no further – Tricia is that person.


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Tricia Wright Clinical Reflexologist - Hypnotherapist NLP & EFT Practitioner

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