So you know how it is; we’re all a little bit nosy and find other people’s experiences very interesting.  So I thought it would be useful to gather as many of your experiences as possible, but safe in the knowledge that your private details will remain exactly that – private!

Because of the variety of work that I do, having my clients share their own personal experience would be invaluable.  As some people have let me know that it wasn’t easy to post a comment; I’ve made the process a bit more user-friendly.

There’s a helpful image below that shows you exactly how to do it.

For people who prefer to write their experiences down in the old-fashioned way using pen and paper, I now have a section called ‘Your Letters’ where I can upload them for you.  either way; any testimonials, comments or feedback would always be appreciated!


16 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Lindsey

    I have been receiving treatments from Tricia for a few years. I have had reflexology and hypnotherapy to help me with various health problems, both physical and emotional. She has many techniques at her disposal to help any problem you may have and I would not hesitate to recommend her. Thank you to Tricia for all your help.

  2. Helen

    I have been a client of Trisha’s for almost two years now and I can honestly say that having reflexology with Trisha has been of immense benefit to me. I first came to Trisha out of curiosity – I am interested in complementary therapies and had wanted to try reflexology for some time. I am also a big believer in keeping healthy and balanced. However, as our first consultation progressed I began to tell Trisha about problems I had been having for a number of years with PMS – I would practically have to take to my bed when it was the time of the month! Two years on after having monthly reflexology sessions with Trisha I rarely have pain and discomfort on a monthly basis. Not only that but during the two years that I have known Trisha she has helped me with many problems and ailments from outbreaks of acne to a fear of public speaking!!! If you have any niggly aches, pains or worries I would highly recommend a visit to Trisha. She has a beautiful room at her East Hull clinic, very relaxing and welcoming and I can say with 100% certainty that you will enjoy every minute of your time spent with this amazing therapist!

  3. I’ve had Crohn’s Disease for 27 years and after having reflexology from Trish Wright for just over 2 years, it is totally under control. Very rarely do I now get pains in my stomach, when previously I had them everyday! I’m now on the dreaded menopause and without having reflexology I think I’d be in serious trouble or on lots of drugs! Trish’s wonderful techniques have ensured I remain calm every month and I can’t recommend reflexology enough for sorting your hormones out. Definitely worth the money every time!

  4. Having suffered with anxiety and its various physical and emotional symptoms for many years I went to Tricia on the recommendation of a friend who also receives treatments from Tricia.
    I was immediately put at ease when I first called Tricia, she was very welcoming, non judgemental, very understanding and easy to talk to. Tricia recommended reflexology to begin with and also explained she would be able to teach me some self help tools like NLP and the Emotional Freedom Technique to use when I began to feel anxious.
    I felt the positive effects of the first session immediately. The reflexology (on my feet) was incredibly relaxing and I left the clinic feeling like I’d had an all over body massage. I was amazed by the number symptoms which saw improvements straight away. My shoulder which had been tense and painful felt relaxed and looser. My nervous stomach settled immediately. I noticed my breathing was steadier and the frequent feeling of anxiety and panic had subsided. I was enveloped with a feeling of calmness which in turn brought back some confidence and helped me to feel more positively about myself and the future. Over the following 2 days, I felt a massive improvement and was able to do things I had been nervous to do for some months – such as going out shopping, eating out and talking in a group. I am very optimistic that Tricia can help me manage my anxiety in the long term and I look forward to embarking on my 3rd session this week.

  5. After a stressful time at work I was sent by them to see Tricia. Being a man, I have to say I was somewhat sceptical of what could be done for me by somebody “playing with my feet”!! Well I was very quickly made to ‘eat my own words’ once Tricia got to work. I’d have never thought possible the effect that Tricia had on me. After just a couple of sessions I was sleeping more soundly, which meant I was less grouchy as I was far better rested. Tricia was finding areas in my feet which were linking into old injuries in other parts of my body and working on those too, through my feet!! After sessions I feel extremely calm and relaxed (in fact the whole experience is so relaxing that I often fall asleep and wake myself up snoring mid treatment……sorry Tricia!!). Work sent me for 6 paid sessions about 10 years ago………and I still regularly go to see Tricia now and am totally converted to the therapeutic benefits of what this lovely lady can do to help my personal wellbeing. I look forward to my sessions, knowing that Tricia will relieve any pent up stress and tension, that I will feel calmer and more relaxed afterwards and that my treatments are conducted in strict confidence.
    Tricia is a special lady with magical hands and I would urge anybody reading this message not to think twice about going to see her for treatment, whatever your ailment is.

  6. In January 2008 I was hit with an episode of Transverse Myelitis, a rare condition which causes varying degrees of paralysis. In my case I became paralysed from the waist downwards. I was in hospital for nearly a month during which time I had to learn to walk again. For some time after I left hospital I could not walk unaided. I had intense physiotherapy during my stay in hospital and once back home, my employers arranged for further intensive physio at the Hull Sports Medicine Centre. By the summer of 2008 I could walk without the aid sticks although always carried a fold-up one with me for times when I was particularly wobbly. In October 2008 the neurologist informed me the episode had left me with permanent spinal damage. My employers suggested I might benefit from a course of reflexology and offered to pay for three sessions. I had mixed feelings about this, being the world’s worse cynic, but decided to give it a go seeing that work was paying! I went for the three sessions at weekly intervals, followed by three more weekly sessions to complete the course. It’s hard to find the words to describe the diference it made to me and the benefits I felt. From weekly sessions I moved to fortnightly sessions, three-weekly sessions and finally to monthly sessions. Heaven knows what I will do if Tricia retires or moves away. I can only describe Tricia as one of life’s special people. She knows her subject inside out, explains everything and is extremely caring. Tricia has also alleviated other problems I experience as a result of the transverse myelitis.

    • Rosemary, thank you so much for your frank and sincere testimonial,. l feel sure anyone reading it with a similar condition
      will be inspired to follow in your footsteps.

      Kind regards


  7. I was 12st 10lb last May 2010 I was totally fed up and felt frumpy in my size 22 tops. So when I heard that Tricia was starting a weight management treatment I was one of her first clients.

    Having tried every diet you can think of without success I really wanted and needed to lose weight because I was due to have both knees replaced in the next few months.

    I’m happy to report that I got rid of 24lb which was amazing and the first time I had seen a significant loss in 27 years. It did not even feel like I was trying very hard but a steady couple of pounds kept coming off. I was making better choices and I was happy to walk.

    I had been having reflexology with Tricia for 15 years to ease the pain of arthritis in my knees, I was able to sleep better and had more movement after my sessions. However, finally I decided to go ahead with the replacements so that I could enjoy my semi retirement and my grandchildren to the full.
    The operations where a complete success. Pre and post operative reflexology helped to speed my recovery and I’m certain that the sustained weight loss played a big part.

    It’s Aug 2011 now and I’ve noticed the pounds are creeping back on so I want to book with you for a boost of hypnotherapy to help me get back on track and keep me in my trendy size 16 tops and size 14 jeans.

    Thank you Tricia for my new lease of life

  8. Just wanted to say i have been visiting Tricia for treatment
    for about 8 years or so now, first i was recommended to her by my Mum who
    always has sung Tricia’s praises for treating her various ailments through
    reflexology. Well i went and was quite sceptical really about what she could
    do for me, I carried on with the reflexology and was so pleased with the benefits and how i felt afterwards so kept going. As Tricia learnt and qualified in other areas, eg reiki healing, hypnotherapy and also the amazing tapping
    i tried these for other issues i had and was completely bowled over by the results. So, i would definately recommend you visit Tricia with an open mind and see what she can do for you. Thank you Tricia you are indeed a magic healer.

  9. im 51 years old and suffured from painful stiff feet for many years
    been to visit tricia twice it has made a massive differance and i no longer need my painkillers . thanks tricia ill be back soon . mike frankland the plumber

  10. I first came to Tricia last year (July 2011) on advice of a friend, after I had to take time out from my job/training due to anxiety and panic attacks. When I first walked in the room I was a real mess, shaking, weepy, emotional and scared. I felt like running away because I was so terribly anxious – I’m just so grateful to Tricia for her patience and lovely caring nature for persuading me to stay. Tricia put me straight at ease and from that very first session, I have gone from strength to strength.. Proof being, that I have now returned to my training and looking forward to the future! Okay, so we all have our little issues and life events which affect us but over time, they have become less significant and I am able to deal with life much better now.
    At first, I had a few intensive sessions close together and then gradually reduced them to once a month which helps maintain the good work Tricia has put in…
    I started with some reflexology (If I am honest I was slightly sceptical – I had come to Tricia out of desperation and as a last resort – my friend had given me Tricias details a number of times before I finally decided I had noting to lose)….. But how glad I am that I went… I could not believe how different I felt after that first session even now I am always amazed at the benefits this therapy brings. Tricia has helped me with anxiety, PMT, shoulder pain and back problems and probably much more stuff that you forget you even suffered from once you are feeling better!..
    Each time I visit her, I just say how I am feeling and what’s bothering me and she will work on that issue.. Today as she was working on my feet, I felt a discomfort (not painful) sensation as she worked on a ceratin area, I asked what it was and she told me she was working on my lower back area… I hadn’t mentioned it to Tricia until that point but I have indeed been having some back niggles but just failed to mention them as I tend to place my anxiety issues as a higher priority.. but Trica noticed it and worked on it and as I write this , I feel like I have had a lower back massage. I often ask how it works but in the end I dont care – all I know is – I feel better!
    Tricia has used a variety of therapies to help me including reflexology and Reiki.. and over the months Tricia has equipped me with many different tools to help me manage my anxiety, from EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to some positive thinking techniques like NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to slef administered acuupressure techniques. I’m able use all of these at various times..
    Tricia is such a lovely caring and understanding person. I am blessed to have met her and am grateful to my friend who referred me to her.. Tricia works holistically and whilst she is supportive and caring she wants what we all want for ourselves – for us to manage our issues independantly and live life to the full and to best of our ability. Tricias tool kit is like a Mary Poppins bag and she always has something else to pull out of it. I know it might sound a bit cheesey but my frined and I say she has “Magic Hands”.. If you are in need and considering visiting Tricia, I hope you will read this and give her a try because as I am proof – you don’t need to believe in it, for it to work.

  11. I’ve been suffering with a rare condition called “Tonic Tensor Tympani Syndrome” for a few months. The main symptom “Hyperacusis”, is where the body’s protective reflex against harmful sounds is over-active, in my case my everyday sound was intolerable. Other symptoms such as severe ear pain (caused by increased tension of the eardrums and it’s surrounding nerves), post traumatic stress disorder (from acoustic shock) and disorientation (caused by my hearing being altered due to altered tension of the ear drum).

    To make matters worse I’m a passionate music and audio engineer (I mix music) and I found myself in a desperate situation of a) wondering whether I’ll be able to enjoy everyday life as I always have done and b) whether I’d recover enough to be able to mix again as well as before.

    Having left my Doctor’s surgery last Thursday, he was correctly reluctant to prescribe me muscle relaxants because they are addictive and after having tried acupuncture with erratic results, I decided to try Reflexology and after reading the testimonials on this page, I decided to see Tricia to see if she could help.

    Before my first session I sent text her an Internet link with a detailed breakdown of my diagnosis and I was immediately impressed that she had taken the time to read it thoroughly to enable her to tailor the treatment towards my specific problems.

    Before we started, she patiently listened to the whole ordeal I had been through and then said what treatment she thought would be best for me.

    I had some Reflexology and I could feel the difference in my ears during the session which really surprised me as I thought it would take a few treatments to make a difference, especially as the route cause of my problem is tension of a muscle hidden away in the jaw which connects to the ear drum! I had some Reiki to finish off which really helped also.

    The following two days I continued to make dramatic improvements which I had originally expected to take weeks and now I’m confident all of the 2/3 months of severe progressive muscle, tendon and nerve tension can ALL be reversed.

    When all my physical symptoms have been eradicated, I’m looking forward to having Tricia address the emotional side of my ordeal so I will post more further down the track.

    I know money is tight for most people at the moment but if you’re considering visiting Tricia, stop considering and pick up the phone and book to see her because the chances are you will be astonished at the improvements you will make.

    Thank you Tricia

  12. I went to see Tricia about 4 weeks after having surgery following appendicitis. Still feeling tired and a bit low i needed something to help my healing. For my first treatment Tricia did some reflexology on me and it was a wonderful experience. Tricia is a lovely warm and friendly lady so it didn’t take long for me to unwind and enjoy the whole hour. After a fantastic nights sleep, which im sure was due to my treatment i felt refresh and energised the following day.
    During my first treatment Tricia asked me if i had any other issues that i might need tending to, which i did. I suffer occasionally from a trapped nerve in my left shoulder, however before i could tell her which side it was she already knew and was sorting it out on my foot. It was quite amazing but you must experience these things for yourself to realise how good Tricia is.
    Since seeing Tricia i’ve also found that i no longer suffer with cold feet, which is an added bonus and must mean its improved my circulation.
    I believe Tricia has definately helped with my recovery and i would recommend going to see her even if you just want a relaxing treat !

    Thanks Tricia x

  13. I’ve known Tricia for about ten years and have been a regular reflexology client of hers for the last five. Tricia is a true professional – knowledgeable, thoughtful and highly effective. She keeps herself informed and up to date using a blend of treatments and approaches to suit my changing needs. I feel completely comfortable in her hands and always leave after a treatment feeling cared for, relaxed and positive. With such a vast array of complementary therapists around, it can be difficult to find someone you can trust completely and who is totally professional in their approach. You need look no further – Tricia is that person.

  14. I had never really believed in reflexology though my wife had been seeing Tricia for quite a few years. When I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis I still just kept on taking the medication given to me by the doctors. The pain level increased despite stronger and stronger pain killers. Still I wouldn’t heed my wife’s advice and try reflexology. In the end I gave in and in sheer desperation agreed to visit Tricia.
    It took a one hour session to completely change my opinion of reflexology and the benefits that it could give. Nothing is going to provide a cure but after just one session the pain relief was considerable. It was the only thing that had provided any sort of easing of the pain and it did it without the horrible side effects that accompany many of the tablets given out by doctors.
    As the doctors continue to find a tablet that works without the sometimes even worse side effects I continue to receive fairly regular reflexology from Tricia. There hasn’t been a week when I have left without realising that I had derived some benefit. Over the weeks she has modified the treatment she gives to take into account the way I am reacting – or not – to the official medication.
    I can honestly say I was the biggest sceptic of complimentary procedures – gone are the light-hearted jibes at my wife when she was going for what I used to refer to as her toe-twiddling sessions.
    It is nothing of the sort and Tricia exhibits great skill in the way she provides your treatment.
    I cannot believe that in such a short time I have had such a change of mind about reflexology.
    It really does work.


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