The Full Works – 1 hour – £35
Stress Buster – 30 minutes -£20
Deep Relaxation – 1 hour – £35
Target Treatment – 30 minutes £20
Chinese Head Massage – 30 minutes £20
Hopi Ear Candling – 1 hour – £35


Stop Smoking Forever – 2 hours – £95
Weight Management (coming soon)


Alfa State Healing – 1hour – £32
Go With Energy Flow – 45 minutes – £26
Taster Treatment – 30 minutes – £18

4 thoughts on “Prices

  1. Hi I am contemplating reflexology to help balance my body and mind! I have problems with my neck, knees, shoulder and ? Tennis elbow as well! Reckon body shop for new one maybe best option lol How often do people attend what is recommended


  2. Hi Debbie,

    First of all Debbie my apologies for this late response, l have been away.

    Well, it sounds to me like you have just found my web-site in the nick-of-time!

    No, seriously Debbie the beauty of reflexology is that it works on the whole of
    you as a person, physically, emotionally and spiritually because as human
    beings we are all of these.
    Often physical pain or imbalance is born out of emotional stress or anxiety.
    In a nut shell.. Debbie everyone is going to have a different experience
    depending on their particular needs, “its difficult to explain” is a comment l hear
    alot especially when clients are trying to tell their friends about reflexology.
    In an ideal world, l would recommend to anyone who presents the range of conditions you have mentioned earlier, a short course of 6 one hour weekly , treatments. Although, l cannot give you a guarantee, that all your problems will be resolve in that time you would be very unlucky if you could’nt report some positive changes.
    During the course l will be sharing lots of “hints and tips”with you, just easy to do points you can work on in-between treatments empowers you to help yourself. Reflexology helps to bring you back into “balance” and hopefully once you are it would be of great benefit to maintain that “balance” . Again everyone is different
    but l often find that women especially find a monthly treatment, about day 21 helps to ward off PMS and generally eases period symptoms. However, l also have clients who come back every 6or8 weeks and thats fine for them too. RELAXATION IS THE KEY TO HEALTH and that is the most important thing l can help you to achieve. When your body is RELAXED it can function normally!
    It can take care of itself.
    I hope this has been helpful to you and hope to see you at one of my clinics soon! By the way please note, l have a deal on so, if you pay in advance for 5 treatments £175 l will give you the 6th treatment free.

  3. Hi,
    I’m almost 39weeks pregnant & some people on a pregnancy forum have had some reflexology around their due dates to help with the aches and pains of pregnancy and also to reduce the risk of going overdue. I’m really interested in having the same done… Can you advise? Thanks

    • Hi Samantha

      Thank you for your inquiry about ‘Reflexology in Pregnancy’
      I understand you are 39 weeks and waiting…This is an ideal time to come and have some non-invasive treatment, to ease those aches and pains. I will also give you (homework) pain relieving reflex points to support and encourage you through your labour.
      At this time you may have difficulty sleeping due to heartburn, pressure on your bladder or sciatica adding to your discomfort.
      Clinical Reflexology can help release your natural pain relieving hormones which will make you more comfortable, whilst creating a deep state of relaxation to help restore your energy levels in readiness for the delivery.
      Please ring Footprints Clinic 218133 for treatments on Mondays or Tuesdays on Holderness Road or
      Please ring 07845776804 for Wednesdays in Hessle

      Regards Tricia

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