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a note to employers
stress in the workplace
Humberside police

The benefits of using In-house therapy

It is a cost effective way of meeting EU directives to address stress in the workplace

It does not need to cost the company anything (Just make a room available)

It can be used to help build management/worker relations (research found staff feel more valued)staff could be funded for the 25 minutes treatment say once a month

Staff on long term sick can be encouraged to take positive steps in their own recovery (homework: Self help Acupressure points are given to aid recovery)

Staff on long term sick can come back into the building without associating it with work pressure and can see work colleagues


A pain in your neck? 

We are bound to our computers, relied on for work and escapism, nevertheless the consequence,  headaches, migraine, neck and shoulder pain, RSI and eye strain are very much of the real  world and could affect any of us, because  desk based  screen work can lead to poor posture and the resulting muscle tension  is the main cause of  chronic back pain, even sciatica...but  there’s nothing  virtual about the suffering  coming from these complaints...and...

The pressure keeps mounting  

This means  that not only do these physical aches and pains interfere with our own health and well-being , but they also affect productivity,  which could make the boss  a touch edgy...more days lost to sickness...deadlines still to be met...more ideas to keep the pot boiling  the  tension creeping in?  It all adds up to the...

Survival of the fittest 

 It’s a jungle out  there,  and  especially so  in our  highly competitive  global it’s the fittest that survive... which  can often keep  us  awake at night,  pondering  over the stresses of  targets,  deadlines and  why our performance isn’t  always as sharp as we’d like ...worried, starting to feel  anxious?  

The  vicious  cycle of  worry kicks in 

....hardly surprising  when our workplace feels more like a battle ground  and we all know a relative, friend  or colleague who has gone through the stress can happen  to anyone...just look at the casualties. 

As reported in the Telegraph 18 Sept 2012

Akzo Nobel boss takes leave due to 'fatigue'

The chief executive of Dulux paint maker AkzoNobel has been forced to temporarily step down from the supervisory board of the Dutch company due to “temporary fatigue”.


It can happen to the best of us... So where do we go from here?  Now close your eyes and... is at hand

  Remember when work was fun. Well it can and should listen up.  Doctors agree that relaxation is the key to good health and well being. Effective relaxation works on the mind at many  deep levels,  enabling  positive responses like the “feel  good  factor”  to be restored ,  so  where do you get this level  of  relaxation from?

 Completely  confidential  in- house treatments   

The good news is that we’ve found a specialist therapist. Check this out. Over 16 years experience in stress busting and pain relief. With a proven track record treating thousands of clients with a unique combination of fully integrated techniques.  (She’s even de-stressed  the “fuzz”,  assisting  the Humberside Police for 12 years,  working with staff suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other  chronic conditions )...and now  you could soon get a taste for  yourself...

Now here’s the deal...Free “taster” treatments for staff

Tricia Wright is an Integrated  Practitioner   highly  trained  in physical therapies, such as  Clinical Reflexology and  Acupressure Massage used in conjunction  with psychological interventions like Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)...It’s  this  combination of skills and techniques that  allows treatments to be individually tailored to address  clients conditions. Now it’s time for action.

Contact  Tricia  

Pick up the phone and call

Tricia on 07845776804

to arrange your free taster treatment appointment. 

You're in good nick!

Back in April 2000 Humberside Police HR dept were charged by the governing body with looking at ways to reduce days lost to sickness

Tricia Wright was invited to give taster treatments.

The trialists, members of staff who were either off sick or on recuperative duties took part

The HR team monitored/reviewed the comments in a questionnaire to define which treatments were most effective and acceptable to the staff

Further funding was made available to include 60 staff having a course of 6 treatments some of these staff had chronic conditions: Asthma-arthritis-hay fever-back pain-migraines-PMS

 The outcome was positive. Staff reported feeling more valued...100%  agreed Tricia’s treatments were very relaxing and 93% reported significant improvements in the conditions

Days lost to sickness were reduced and Tricia carried on working on staff at every level of Seniority both in the offices head quarters and with the Bobbies on the beat.

Conditions and work injuries treated over the next 12 years: RSI-joint problems-PTSD- sciatica-insomnia-anxiety-depression-panic attacks-Post operative care to speed recovery- Reintegration after long term sickness or after maternity leave

Tricia Wright Clinical Reflexologist - Hypnotherapist NLP & EFT Practitioner

Fully Registered and insured ‘Integrated Therapist’

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