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Tricia Wright Clinical Reflexologist
Hypnotherapist NLP & EFT Practitioner


The next chapter brings me to this neck of the woods.  My two girls have found the Stratford area irresistible-they met and married two local guy’s and we now have a growing family.  A perfect draw then for Grandma...

I'm a happy successful full-time complimentary therapist in East Yorkshire, so naturally I found it very difficult to think of leaving my home town where I’m so well known and established in business for over 16 years... especially in these austere times!

But, I firmly believe that things do happen for a reason, so when government cuts meant one of my long established clients the ‘Humberside Police’ lost funding for complimentary therapies which I had been providing for over 12 years, rather than view this loss of income in a negative way, I decided this was my opportunity to relocate half my business to be closer to my family and finally gain that much sought after commodity – a more balanced work/life/fun/family lifestyle.


Having qualified from the renowned Crane School of Reflexology in 1996, I have established myself in and around the Hull area developing my private practice.  I trained to the highest level in Reflexology and have since continued to further my professional development by constantly updating my skills and knowledge, enabling me to expand my range of treatments to include the most recently advanced energy-moving therapies including; Auricular and Facial Reflexology, ‘Meridian Massage’ ‘Tui Na’, ‘Chinese Head Massage’ and ‘Hopi Ear Candling’.  Also emotional therapies including ‘Clinical Hypnotherapy’ ‘NLP’ (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and ‘EFT’ (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Over my sixteen years of practice, I am still as excited about the benefits and potential of reflexology especially on chronic condition’s as when I first undertook the discipline.  Each patient present’s a new challenge and the techniques and understanding I have obtained enables me to tailor my treatments accordingly. It is my belief that experience is the key to both professionalism and competence in this form of therapy.

In my constant endeavour to seek solutions for the symptomatic relief of chronic pain, I have had the most interesting of journeys. The past 16  years as a therapist has been revealing, exciting, humbling and always rewarding.

One of the most important discoveries I have made is tapping into the ‘power of our mind’ when it comes to dealing with chronic pain. After a therapy session I feel it is important to continue the healing process and encourage self empowerment; it gives me the greatest buzz to share my many hints and tips with clients who although don’t expect homework are very grateful to have a little extra knowledge in the continuing battle against chronic pain.


Tricia Wright Clinical Reflexologist - Hypnotherapist NLP & EFT Practitioner

Fully Registered and insured ‘Integrated Therapist’

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